What To Look For In A Home Inspector

If you are thinking about buying a home, it is highly likely that you have weighed the thought of hiring a home inspector. Maybe your real estate agent or even the seller of the home has recommended hiring an inspector, but you are still not sure if this is a good decision or not. Well, the truth you the matter is that if you buy a home without hiring a Queens home inspector, you will be making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. While inspectors are not cheap or easy to hire, hiring one should go hand-in-hand with the home buying process, because they can provide you with detailed knowledge about the home that you are going to be investing in.

With that being said, not just any old inspector will do the job. You need one that is reliable and can be trusted. Below you will find key information that you need to look for when hiring a home inspector.

Backed With Years Of Experience 

When it comes to hiring a home inspector the first thing you want to look for is experience. If a home inspector has only been operating for one to five years it can really be hard to bring yourself to trust their judgment. However, if you choose an inspector that has been in business for 10 to 20 years then you know that they are going something right. It would be hard to stay in business for 20 years if you don’t know what you are doing, or can’t provide your customer with in depth knowledge.

Of course, faulting someone because they haven’t been in business for a long time can be a hard thing to do, but this is something that you will have to consider.

Proper Qualifications

Before hiring any inspector, you need to completely understand his or her qualifications. Always be sure to ask questions about where he or she was trained, how long they have been doing inspections, and if they have special knowledge in mold and lead paint.

Providing Sample Reports 

While any good Queens home inspector will spend two to three hours walking through your potential home, it is also imperative that he or she take note and document everything that they see. At the end of the inspection the professional should not only provide you with a copy of this report, but he or she should also explain everything to you. For instance, if the inspector found some faulty wiring, he or she should tell you where the problem was found and what the recommendations are to get the problem fixed.

You always want to make sure that the inspector you are considering provides you with one of these reports, because it not only points out potential problems, but it can be used to get the asking price of the house knocked down.

Acquire References

Any good home inspector will not be afraid to give you a list of some of his or her past customers. Any inspectors that is not willing to give out this information probably has something to hide.

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