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All About Our Home Inspection Services In Queens NY

Are you currently contemplating putting your home on the market? There has never been a better time to try and make some money on your property. However, you should remember that there are plenty of buyers out there and many of them will attempt to take advantage of your kindness and naivete. This is why it is absolutely pertinent to familiarize yourself with the true value of your home, before listing it on the market. This is why you will want to work with us. Our company is the leading home inspection service provider in Queens NY.

We offer the most cost-effective Queens home inspection services and we’ll be able to get your problem solved right away. We deliver the information you need with maximum accuracy! Continue reading below to learn more about us and our services.

We Aim To Save You Money

We understand wholeheartedly that putting your home on the market can be very expensive and incredibly time consuming. It is our duty to make sure that the client is always able to make the most from their property. Our company is happy to provide our services at the lowest costs. Just remember that the price of our inspection depends on a wide variety of factors, including the location and size of your property.

Nevertheless, we will always do our best to keep our prices as low as possible. Simultaneously, we would like all Queens residents to know that our firm offers free quotes. Just get in touch with our home inspector in Queens and see how much your inspection will cost! We promise that you’ll be happy with our prices.

Maximum Accuracy

Homeowners always want to get the most out of their property. We get it and we want to make sure that you’re able to maximize your earnings. This is why our Queens home inspector has been trained extensively. Each inspector is required to go through thorough training, before they’re allowed to begin working in the field. This ensures that they’ll be able to deliver the right figures as quickly as possible. We’ll make sure that the property is scanned thoroughly and that the price estimation given is right on the mark.

Our Team Is Insured

We understand that there is a risk involved with allowing a stranger to have free reign over your home. Can you imagine how much damage could be done, if the home inspector falls through the ceiling? Our company wants to make sure that the client is protected to the maximum from the beginning to the end. This is why we have worked with the leading providers of business insurance to ensure we were able to get the maximum available. In return, this should provide the client with maximum reassurance.

With our insurance, you can sleep soundly knowing that any damage caused by our home inspectors will be covered by our insurance. We’ll make sure you’re never required to pay out of pocket for something we’ve done.

Spotting Lead Paint

As you likely already know, the paint found in your home can be incredibly dangerous. It is absolutely pertinent to make sure that you stay away from lead paint. This material could end up causing serious health complications for you, your spouse and your child. Our team knows how to identify lead paint very easily. We’ll make sure that you’re aware of the paint in your home, so you can get rid of it right away. We’ll take samples of the paint to ensure that your home doesn’t have anything that could cause you serious health problems.

Identifying Mold

Another thing to remember is that mold is incredibly dangerous. Plus, it will quickly decrease the overall value of your home. Our company wants to make sure that your family remains safe, while also guaranteeing that you’ll be able to get the most out of your home. Our company’s team has been thoroughly trained to ensure that they’re able to identify mold that could be hazardous to your health. If mold is identified, we’ll provide you with recommendations for getting rid of the mold as quickly as possible.

We can even provide you with a recommendation for a mold removal service. It is our duty to help you and we’ll always do our best to provide you and your family with total satisfaction.

We Offer Sample Reports

When homeowners or homebuyers approach us about a home inspection, we immediately offer them a sample report. This document contains a list of items and systems that are inspected during the home inspection process. Some things that are included in the report include:

  • Basement
  • Foundation
  • Sump Pump
  • Crawl Space
  • Floor
  • Guttering
  • Roofing System
  • Septic System

Of course, this is only to name a few, but you inquire about our services, we will gladly provide you with a sample report. The document will act as an owner’s manual for homebuyers and new owners.

We Work With All Realtors

Unlike other home inspection service providers, we work with all realtors. We are family with some of the real estate firms in Queens, but are willing to work alongside any realtor to ensure your new home is in good condition. Our goal is to help the realtor make this process go as smoothly as possible, so you can move into your new home without delay.

If you have already chosen a realtor to work with and would like to set up a meeting, just contact our office. Our representatives will schedule an appointment for the meeting at your earliest convenient. During the meeting, we will go through the inspection process, so you will know what to expect in advance. We highly recommend for your realtor to invite the realtor to the meeting. This way everyone will be on the same page and prepared for the undertaking.

Free Quotes

We offer free quotes per request for our services. The written quote will consist of an overview of the inspection process, price and property information, including size of the house and garage. Our goal is to ensure you understand the price completely and the inspection process. The amount of the quote will depend on the size of the home, garage and other structures on the property. We utilize the property information provided by the realtor to determine the price of the quote.

Why Choose Us As Your Home Inspector?

There are plenty of valid reasons to choose us as your home inspector. We’re truly unlike the alternatives, because we care about the client and always strive to provide them with maximum reassurance and value.

  • We’re completely licensed and insured. Working with us comes with no risk whatsoever.
  • We always offer the lowest prices possible. Plus, we’re happy to provide our clients with free quotes.
  • We’re capable of identifying various problems, including lead paint and mold.
  • We can deliver maximum accuracy. We’ll make sure you acquire the most comprehensive results possible.
  • We are happy to work on your schedule. We’ll make sure that our service is delivered with the maximum convenience.

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